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Hello, Iā€™m Laura, Aka-The Water Filter Lady. You may be familiar with me or have seen my blog (www.thewaterfilterlady'sblog) and landed on this site. I live in Florida with my husband Carl. Between us, we have 4 children & 5 grandchildren. Over the past 7 years, I have learned alot about water, water filters, plastic pollution,  the environment and how our actions are affecting our mother earth and the life that exists here. My concerns has really made me more focused on not only helping people get cleaner water, but on education about the impacts of the terrible things we are doing or allowing to happen to our planet. 

Deciding to drink filtered tap water instead of bottled water can have huge benefits for the earth. We can eliminate unnecessary waste going into our landfills and oceans, cut back on the energy it takes to produce and transport the bottles, reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals like BPA, and stop supporting an industry moving to turn water from a common resource into an expensive commodity. (For more info on how bottled water affects our planet, please watch the documentary film ā€œTappedā€œ) This film really opened my eyes, and I sincerly hope you take the time to watch and share this important film.

Up until recently I only promoted the Multipure drinking water system. I truly love their products, but many customers were asking for other types of applications that did not require being connected to the faucet, or that they could take with them on trips, camping or what have you. I also have come to notice that many survivalists are choosing Berkey for the convenience of having a filter available in emergency situations. Being that the Berkey filters can be used with pond or "dirty" water, this is a great application in this type of environment. The other thing I really like about the Berkey line, is that this is the perfect system for folks that are on a well water system. And Berkey is now what I recommend for people who are on a ground water system and chlorine is not added to their drinking water. 

Berkey water filters produce purified water at a lower cost than any water filter system available to the retail water purification market. They are used world wide to provde clean safe water. Search, review, and buy a Big Berkey water filter gravity water filter and purify any water to 99.99999 percent making it safe and effective for health and emergency water. All of our gravity water filter products use genuine Black Berkey filters manufactured by New Millennium Concepts, a leader in gravity water filtration.

We carry the complete line of Berkey products. If there is something you are looking for but don't see it listed, please give me a call. Customer service and 100% satisfaction is my top priority. Should you have any questions, or problems with this site, please  Contact Us and we will get back to you promptly.  We want to help you make the right choice for your family's drinking water needs! 

Laura Newton, Your Berkey Distributor